Six Months & Miami Herald Feature

It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since we started Brizaga. Looking back at when we launched, we had one desire – to help our community understand the risks of rising seas and figure out what to do to reduce that risk. While our core mission is the same, our company evolved to be a holistic partner on any adaption journey from start to finish, from assessment to project management.

Here are a few of the exciting things we’ve accomplished in the past six months –

  • Alec addressed the Climate Solutions Caucus of the United States House of Representatives, as well as an appropriations subcommittee of the Florida Senate (on behalf of Resiliency Florida).
  • We launched our Sea Level Rise Ready Building Program, and our designation has helped prospective homebuyers and businesses consider adaptation action.
  • We launched our Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program, and are training local governments and assisting with public outreach to connect local governments to their stakeholders.
  • Our team has given over 20 public talks to groups across Florida.
  • We’ve given hundreds of hours to our community to help educate business and elected leaders, as well as start conversation on how to deal with current and future flooding concerns.

Miami Herald Feature

This week online and in print on today, we were featured by the Miami Herald as one of “Four ways Miami startups are trying to save the planet.”

Here’s an except from the article –

Bogdanoff and his business partner, Michael Antinelli, friends from high school, started Brizaga to help individuals, businesses and local governments understand and deal with the risks of rising seas.

In August, Brizaga unveiled a sea level rise program to identify risks at the building level and suggest solutions. Now the company is launching a program working with and training local governments and helping them communicate the risks to their constituents.

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Six Months of Paving the Way

We’ve come to realize that we are not just creating a company, but paving the way for a whole new industry of private-sector adaptation professionals. There’s a strong appetite for change and adaptation, but many folks do not even know where to begin. We are the starting point, and we are the needed partner on any adaption journey.

There are so many exciting projects we are working on, and cannot wait to see what the next six months and the many years after it bring. Most importantly, we could not do what we do without the support of our family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Here’s to a better tomorrow!