Our multi-lingual staff are not only subject-matter experts, but also expert communicators. We specialize in science communication and our education and outreach around resilience and adaptation are unmatched. All of the materials we provide are factual, built for the specific audience, and impeccably designed.

Communication is at the center of everything we do, and the center of our process. From Education & Outreach to Strategic Communications and Public Policy, our staff understands that complex issues require the knowledge, knowhow, and experience to ensure success.

Education & Outreach. We work to unify the cities and communities, to provide policy makers with the tools needed to make the most informed decisions, and to help private citizens overcome the challenges they will face on their journeys to a better, more resilient tomorrow.

Strategic Communications. Setting clear expectations and ensuring consistent communications is the key to building the public will necessary for adaptation action. We assist with internal policy-making and outward facing messaging related to sea level rise, resilience, and adaptation.

Public Policy. From Capitol Hill to Main Street, our public engagement programs are designed to help local governments reach their communities and highlight the benefits that individuals and businesses can experience through the implementation of projects and policies aimed at resilience.

Highlighted Projects