Brizaga created our standardized Resilient Review program for new and existing development to help Individuals, Businesses, Developers, Architects, and Engineers who are left wondering, “What should we consider to protect our property and project, and what are the best ways to do so?” We believe that adaptation is a journey, and we want to be your partners on that journey. The Resilient Review becomes our roadmap.

As part of the review process, we:

  • Summarize the overall readiness of the project to sea level rise and storm surge.
  • Document conversations, site plans and other relevant information used in the analysis.
  • Document suggested design standards and Adaptation Action Points, for different types of flood risk.
  • Discuss current and future flood risk, and federal, state, and local flood plain regulations.
  • Provide recommendations for consideration of:
    • specific flood mitigation and prevention measures, such as flood barriers and gates;
    • stormwater management best practices;
    • adaptive design;
    • resilient and adaptive seawalls, if applicable;
    • any below grade or critical infrastructure servicing the development; and
    • foundation design.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Analysis of current and future accessibility, during extreme events including tidal flooding.
  • Considerations for additional measures to reduce business interruption during and after extreme events.
  • Recommendations for consideration of emergency access during extreme events.
  • Sensitivity of underground infrastructure outside of the building footprint.

As part of the Resilient Review process, a building can be designated as Sea Level Rise Ready®. Learn more here.