Climate Solutions Caucus

Our President and Co-Founder, Alec Bogdanoff, presented to the Climate Solutions Caucus on Capitol Hill yesterday. Alec spoke about the financial effects of sea level rise for coastal communities and how Congress should begin to address the challenges we face. Brizaga was proud to be invited to Capitol Hill, and has a team at the leading edge of adaptation & resilience, and climate policy.

The meeting was written up in E&E News. A snippet is below, but you can read the whole article here.

As members slipped out the door near the end of the session, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) asked the panelists for advice on how to get more of her colleagues to care about climate change.

“How we can emphasize the importance of this issue?” she asked, nodding to the proposed budget cuts.

Bogdanoff concluded that all politics are local. Once climate change starts affecting local communities, he said, “those communities are going to look to their congressmen and congresswomen and ask what are you going to do.”

The event was also written up by the Citizen’s Climate Lobby blog.

The final two speakers – Alec Bogdanoff, a consultant with Brizaga, Inc., and Austin Perez with the National Association of Realtors – focused on flood insurance and issues with coastal sea level rise. Both explained how it is not just coastal areas that are dealing with the problem, giving examples of states and cities that incurred flooding recently in places where flood insurance was previously not required. They also spoke to the need to continue funding for federal data used by private companies that support government flood insurance.