Brizaga, Inc. We are a strategic consulting firm built to solve complex problems by leveraging science, communications, engineering, and policy. Our clients include private property owners, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, developers, and local governments. We work to plan for and address the impacts of rising seas, more frequent flooding, and a changing environment on property, infrastructure, community, and the local economy. We bring a unique perspective meshing physical science, engineering design, public policy and community engagement to create innovative and practical solutions in the face of more frequent flooding, rising tides, and a changing environment.

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The Brizaga Difference (What is in the Name?)

The name Brizaga is a mixture of the names of our founder’s nieces and nephews. It serves as a constant reminder that the decisions we make today will define their future. But it goes further.

In a complicated world with abundant uncertainty and mistrust, we know how to bridge the gap. We’re subject matter experts and expert communicators who skillfully navigate political divides on the way to building community consensus. The information and tools we create are easy to understand and easy to use.

We define Brizaga as the overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment when individuals, business, and government work together to create a more resilient community.

Our Mission

To develop personalized and practical adaptation solutions in the face of more frequent flooding, rising tides, and a changing environment.

Our Vision

To lead the global adaptation effort solving the world’s most complex challenges.

Our Values

We are transparent, honest, and authentic communicators.
Communication is at the center of everything we do. It is the middle step of our process for a reason. We know first-hand that honesty and authentic communication is not only essential to building trust, but also to building a broad coalition of stakeholders with different viewpoints, who all want to create a more resilient and sustainable future. We believe in meeting people where they are. Education, outreach, and building consensus is the only way to solve complex challenges

We are grounded in reality.
Our environmental challenges, including more frequent flooding, sea level rise, and climate change, require boldness and innovation. They also require thoughtfulness and pragmatism. The solutions we propose are always in line with existing legal, social, and financial constraints.

We consider the consequences of everything we do on people and the planet.
Weather and water do not care about the value of your home, the color of your skin, or your political affiliation. Extreme weather and flooding can impact anyone anywhere. Our approach is rooted in empathy. Listening to and understanding someone is the first step to finding a solution that truly works for them. We know that climate change and natural disasters disproportionately impact frontline communities, and we must carefully consider who we impact with the choices we make. We prioritize giving back to our community and helping those already suffering from environmental impacts.

We lead with science.
Data drives our approach. It strengthens our creativity and innovation. Where others might see an impossible problem, we see an opportunity to help people who need it the most. Everything we produce, from communications and planning tools to public policy, is driven by scientific data. Data helps us to make informed decisions, communicate our reasoning, build consensus, and empower communities to adapt.