Brizaga announces
Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program

Through a strategic partnership with the Bagué Group, we are pleased to announce the Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program. The Program is designed as a public outreach and engagement campaign blended with the best available science and forward-thinking solutions. Our experiences working with individuals, businesses, and local governments have taught us that complex problems, like sea level rise, require specific and methodical engagements to effectively identify challenges and implement solutions. An open and transparent dialogue between the local government and its residents, creates goodwill and ultimately allows for swift and decisive adaptation action.

Brizaga & Bagué Group Partnership

Brizaga is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Bagué Group, a company that designs and executes campaigns and projects to influence public opinion and behavior and specializes in public outreach and advocacy. Together, the firms combine the art of public communications and the science of sea level rise and extreme weather to communicate its complexities in clear and simple terms.

About the Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program

The Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program (Program) was developed to be the foundation for communities to achieve a rock-solid preparedness plan and resilience policy, and provide guidance from initial planning through final implementation. The Program focuses on creating transparency and clarity between governments, businesses, and private citizens. Through clear and consistent education and messaging around the topics of sea level rise and resilience, communities can achieve a unified vision for their future. Together, they can swiftly and decisively meet any challenge head on.

The Program enhances community outreach and engagement, and expands the knowledge around a community’s vulnerabilities and risks to sea level rise and coastal flooding. Coastal communities are typically exposed to storm surge, tidal flooding, and heavy rainfall, the effects of which are amplified by rising seas. Recent weather events and hurricanes have highlighted the flooding susceptibility of many communities, elevating the conversation around resilience. A constructive dialogue about sea level rise adaptation and disaster resilience measures is imperative, but delicate.

The Sea Level Rise Ready Community Program steers this discussion by targeting widespread support for effective measures. To achieve this outcome, the Program employs training seminars, goal-setting workshops, customized communication materials, and community outreach events. The Program serves as an educational and outreach campaign to encourage collaboration and strengthen the public will at any point along a community’s path to resilience.