Brizaga joined forces with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and AECOM  under the auspices of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact (the Compact) to execute the Business Case for Resilience in Southeast Florida. The analysis produced a compelling business case for the region to make investments in resilient infrastructure now and continue to coordinate and collaborate with nearby communities to address flood-related threats in the face of climate change, tidal flooding and frequent and stronger  storms compounded by sea level rise projections. The regional economic analysis estimates risks and opportunities, and presents the economic consequences in the region if local governments and the business sector fail to take action. The study estimates the economic benefits from certain types of adaptation actions, ranging from community-wide to building-level, designed to mitigate coastal hazard risks, and highlight how adaptation investments today lead to a more client-resilient future. Notably, the economic benefits from both building-level and community-wide adaptations provide greater benefit than cost to the region. Brizaga served as the Local Project Manager leading the day-to-day coordination and development of the project, including public outreach and engagement.