Welcome, Josh!

Brizaga is proud to welcome Josh to our team as our Resilience and Adaptation Intern. He is a senior at Florida Atlantic University and will be working with us through the summer. Welcome, Josh!

Josh Tronnier is a Senior Environmental Engineering student at Florida Atlantic University. Originally a chemistry major, he decided he desired a more impactful, hands-on career and turned to engineering. His background in chemistry provided a strong conceptual understanding of the environmental aspects of engineering, and his coursework has taken him through the subjects of environmental politics, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, and stormwater management.

As part of his engineering program at FAU, Josh is working on a senior design project in which he and his team are collaborating with the South Florida Water Management District to design a stormwater treatment basin in the Everglades to help remediate the harmful effects of rain and floodwater runoffs from Lake Okeechobee. The design for this project requires foresight into groundwater levels due to projected sea level rise in South Florida. Josh is also a student member of the Florida Engineering Society, American Water Resources Association, Water Environment Federation, Solid Waste Association of North American and the American Water Works Association.

Josh’s interest in the challenges of sea level rise stem from his upbringing as a South Florida native. Having weathered his share of hurricanes at his parents’ home in Naples, Florida he has seen firsthand the effects of sea level rise and poor flood planning. Working as a Resilience and Adaptation Intern for Brizaga will provide additional insight to a familiar challenge for Josh as well as provide an innovative perspective of the engineering field in general.

In working with the Brizaga team, Josh hopes to obtain a new sense of familiarity with the engineering design process and its effect on real-world situations. He is also looking forward to the opportunity to interact with the clients and government institutions that make these projects possible. Most of all, he is excited to make the hands-on impact that he sought when beginning his studies as an environmental engineer.