The Future of Matheson Hammock Park

Cummins Cederberg recently finished a vulnerability assessment for Matheson Hammock Park in Miami-Dade County. Our Co-Founder, Alec Bogdanoff, was asked about the report by the Miami Herald and the need to adapt public spaces when thinking about sea level rise.

Sea-rise proofing community spots is a vote of confidence for residents that their government cares about maintaining their quality of life as the climate changes, said Alec Bogdanoff, president of climate readiness consultant firm Brizaga. Bogdanoff wasn’t a part of the report, but he sees it as an important step by the county toward recognizing the value of community spaces.

“To me, resilience is more than building strong buildings; it’s about building a space people want to come to and be a part of,” he said. “Public spaces are really a part of building that community.”

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