Hurricane Irma Preparation

Hurricane Irma continues to churn in the Atlantic as a dangerous storm and gain strength. While there is still uncertainty in the path that Irma will take, South Florida and the Southeastern United States more broadly should watch the storm carefully. The storm could impact South Florida as soon the end of this week. Watches and warnings will likely be issued before then.

What does a watch and warning mean?

Learn more from the National Hurricane Center:

Where to get information on Hurricane Irma

Please use credible sources for storm information. This includes TV meteorologists (your local ones know your community best), the National Hurricane Center ( and National Weather Service (, and local emergency managers. Take all evacuation orders very seriously.

Now is the time to prepare for Hurricane Irma, getting enough supplies for your family and determining your plan if you are required to evacuate. Check out your county or city’s website to find out your evacuation zone. Broward County evacuations zones available on the county’s website.

Some things to think about when planning:

• Water
• Food (non-perishables)
• Medicines
• Flashlights & batteries
• Communication devices & chargers
• Gassing up your car
• Getting some cash (without electricity many places may only take cash)
• Important documents (insurance policies, for example)
• Emergency contact information
• Consider what you would do without electricity for an extended period of time

Now is the time prepare and have a conversation with your family about your plan. Remember your family members and friends that require assistance, as well as your four-legged family members. Your pets will need food and water too.

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and remember at Brizaga, we are here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.