A Guide to Community Outreach and Engagement for Our New Normal

Best practices for community outreach and engagement during and post COVID-19. A collaboration amongst Bagué Group, Brizaga, and MAGBE Consulting.

In 2020, amidst the emergence of COVID-19, the face of human interaction has changed. As cities lift restrictions, and public outreach meetings begin to take place both virtually and in-person, practicing social distancing has now become the new norm for societies around the globe. This will likely be the case for the foreseeable future. This Community Outreach and Engagement Guide is meant to provide critical insight to practices, including preliminary, during, and post COVID-19, that may be utilized throughout the entirety of the public outreach meeting process. First and foremost, precautionary measures, proper sanitation practices, and prioritizing the safety of all participants is crucial. With uncertainties revolving around COVID-19, meticulous planning is vital as we move towards in-person gatherings. Similarly, virtual meetings will also facilitate a different type of engagement. Adjustments suitable for both types of engagement require a holistic approach. This Community Outreach and Engagement Guide details various tips that will assist you throughout your community outreach journey as we navigate throughout our new normal. Throughout this guide, there are examples of tools that can be used for outreach and engagement. Neither Bagué Group, Brizaga, or MAGBE Consulting Services endorse any of these tools. Please do appropriate due diligence and select the tool that is best for you.

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