The Business Case for Resilience in Southeast Florida

Brizaga is proud to announce the launch of the Business Case for Resilience in Southeast Florida. This report showcases the regional economic benefits of climate adaptation and disseminates how these investments safeguard the future of Southeast Florida amidst a changing climate. In collaboration with the Urban Land Institute and AECOM, Brizaga’s Principal, Dr. Alec Bogdanoff served as Local Project Manager and played a vital role in effectively communicating the business case for resilience.

Dr. Bogdanoff stated, “together, we can address the challenges of more frequent flooding and sea level rise and grow our economy at the same time. We know we must adapt as a region, and this study shows that adaptation is also a smart business move. Bringing the private sector to the conversation has created a partnership that can only benefit the region.” With sea levels rising, the Business Case report aims to distribute the necessary adaptation investments our region needs and simultaneously create a blueprint for long-term resilience.

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