Ryan Amato
Staff Scientist

@Ryan Amato

Ryan Amato is a Staff Scientist for Brizaga, and a geoscience graduate student at Florida Atlantic University, focusing on climate resilience in Florida. Ryan contributes as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Florida Center for Environmental Studies in Davie. He became keenly aware of long-term environmental challenges through independent research and was inspired to make a career change. He has over eight years of experience in marketing and communications, most recently with AutoNation, Inc. Ryan strives to help bridge the gap between science and business by leveraging knowledge to make better long-term strategic decisions across all sectors of society.

He holds a B.B.A. with concentrations in management and marketing from Florida Atlantic University where he completed the University Scholar’s Program. A South Florida native, Ryan is passionate about helping local communities adapt to the challenges to come and influencing policy by leading with science.