Brizaga, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary civil and coastal engineering firm built to solve complex problems by strategically leveraging science, communications, and policy. Brizaga was founded by two friends of over two decades, an oceanographer & meteorologist and a coastal & civil engineer, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and governments understand and begin to address the effects of a changing environment, including sea level rise. We bring a unique perspective meshing the physical science and engineering worlds to create innovative and unique solutions to some of our greatest challenges. Our team has experience assessing vulnerability and risk, planning adaptation strategy, and public outreach associated with assessments, planning, and implementation. We distill complex scientific topics for policy-makers and the general public. With 20 years of political experience, 15 years of environmental science work, and 5 years of engineering consulting experience, our team is ready to help you create a more resilient future.

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The Brizaga Difference

The Brizaga difference is not just in our process, but also in our founding. Two friends of nearly two decades were serendipitously brought back together in their hometown with a burning desire to find solutions to one of our greatest challenges – sea level rise.

Our company name is a mixture of the names of our nieces and nephews. It’s a reminder that with each passing generation, the realities of sea level rise will become clearer, and the decisions we make today will greatly shape those realities for the next generation.

We define Brizaga as the overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment when individuals, business, and local governments work together to create a more resilient community.

Our Mission

To develop personalized and practical adaptation solutions in the face of more frequent flooding, rising tides, and a changing environment.

Our Vision

To lead the global adaptation effort solving the world’s most complex challenges.

Our Values

We are transparent, honest, and authentic communicators.
Communication is at the center of everything we do. It is the middle word of our tagline for a reason. We know that being able to have an approachable conversation about hard topics is not only essential to building trust, but also to building a broad coalition of stakeholders who want action to reduce flood risk and create a more sustainable future. Education, outreach, and building consensus is the only way to solve complex challenges.

We are grounded in reality.
Our environmental challenges, including more frequent flooding, sea level rise, and climate change, require bold and innovative ideas. Those ideas must be bound by pragmatism and science. We never propose solutions that are out of touch with the reality of regulation, cost, and location – unless we believe we can change that. We believe in meeting people where they are regardless of where that might be.

We consider the consequences of everything we do on people and the planet.
Weather and water do not care about the value of your home, the color of your skin, nor your political affiliation. Extreme weather and flooding can impact anyone, almost everywhere. We approach each project and person with an empathetic and open mind. Understanding someone’s situation is the only way to truly find a solution that works for them. We also know that natural disasters and climate change disproportionately impact frontline communities, and we must consider the people impacted by the choices we make. We prioritize giving back to our community, helping those already feeling the impact of flooding, and innately believe it is an essential part of what we do.

We lead with science, not fear. 
Data drives our approach, but it doesn’t limit our creativity and innovation. When others call solving a challenge an impossible task, we dive in. We use science to solve problems. Assessing risk alone, scoring and colorizing flood risk to make a flashy statement without providing solutions does not help those facing the challenges of more frequent flooding and climate change. We need solutions, we need people that solve problems, and we need to prioritize the important work of addressing flooding, sea level rise, and climate change today. Most importantly, we need to work together to solve these problems – thinking across political boundaries, institutional barriers, and across disciplines.