Brizaga, Inc. was founded by two friends of nearly two decades, an oceanographer & meteorologist and a coastal & civil engineer, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and governments understand and begin to address the effects of a changing environment, including sea level rise. We bring a unique perspective meshing the physical science and engineering worlds to create innovative and unique solutions to some of our greatest challenges. Our team has experience assessing vulnerability and risk, planning adaptation strategy, and public outreach associated with assessments, planning, and implementation. We distill complex scientific topics for policy-makers and the general public. With 20 years of political experience, 15 years of environmental science work, and 5 years of engineering consulting experience, our team is ready to help you create a more resilient future.

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The Brizaga Difference

The Brizaga difference is not just in our process, but also in our founding. Two friends of nearly two decades were serendipitously brought back together in their hometown with a burning desire to find solutions to one of our greatest challenges – sea level rise.

Our company name is a mixture of the names of our nieces and nephews. With each passing generation, the realities of sea level rise will become clearer, and the decisions we make today will greatly shape those realities for the next generation.

We define Brizaga as the overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment when individuals, business, and local governments work together to create a more resilient community. Our greatest ambition is to have every community understand Brizaga, and one of the first steps is asking, “Are you Sea Level Rise Ready®?”