We want to be your partner on your adaptation journey. Whether you need specific Engineering Solutions, Adaptation Strategies, or help with Resilient Design, we are ready to be your guide.

Engineering Solutions. Brizaga provides development and justification of design standards for the consideration of sea level rise, storm surge, ground water depth (for drainage and storage), and heavy rainfall. In addition, we take into account potential long-term changes in weather patterns including heat, rainfall, and other climate factors. Learn More.

Resilient Design. Resilience is being able to prosper through adversity. Designing resiliently will not only decrease damage in the occurrence of an extreme event, but also allow for a reduction in downtime after an extreme event. Our staff are available to consult for both new and existing development. Learn More.

Adaptation Strategies. Adaptation is an important part of preparing for changes in future conditions. Just understanding vulnerabilities and risks without a path for action is an incomplete foundation of resilience. Let us be your partner on your adaptation journey. Learn More.