Jonathan Casaverde Maimon
Associate, Outreach & Operations


Jonathan Casaverde Maimon is an Associate, Outreach and Operations. He is currently seeking his bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications with a minor in International Relations at Florida International University.

Before joining Brizaga, Jonathan worked at a business consulting company that focused on freight logistics and insurance for a range of clients. Jonathan is also a reporter for PantherNOW, a student lead newspaper at FIU, where he focuses on informing important political and community events around the state of Florida. Jonathan plans to use his background in digital communications​​ to work along the Brizaga outreach and communications team and support the various ongoing work, as well as expand the brand image of the company. 

In his spare time Jonathan enjoys photography and cooking, and can be often found at the latest hot-new restaurant in town, as the self-proclaimed foodie he is.