Our staff has extensive experience with science communication and public engagement, and is available for speaking engagements. A few of our out-of-the-box seminars, workshops, and trainings are listed below. Our staff is available to help craft unique and individualized presentations to suit your needs. Feel free to schedule a time to speak with a member of our staff.

Alec specializes in communicating complex scientific topics to the general public and policy-makers. He has taken part in panel discussions dealing directly with resiliency planning for sea level rise hosted by many public and private entities across the United States, including the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and Citizen’s Climate Lobby. He recently addressed members of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus to discuss solutions to the effects that sea level rise will have on infrastructure, insurance, and the economy.

Sea Level Rise 101

How do we know sea level rise is occurring? How will sea level rise affect me? What can I do to mitigate some of those effects? Many of the basic questions of sea level rise do not have simple answers, but must be answered to build the public support necessary to start adaptation to our changing environment. This Sea Level Rise 101 presentation will answer many of the basic questions you have about sea level rise and provide you with a forum to interact with sea level rise experts.

Financial Implications of Sea Level Rise

Last November, during “King Tide Season,” an octopus swam into a Miami Beach parking garage. Seawater flooded the garage due to very high tides, and sea life swam in. This event was dubbed South Florida’s equivalent of the “canary in the coal mine” for sea level rise. What we call “King Tides” now, will eventually become a common occurrence. South Florida has unique challenges associated with sea level rise. Understanding those challenges, how to assess them, and the financial implications is vital to ensuring a resilient and prosperous future.

Effectively Communicating Sea Level Rise Risks

Some of our neighbors are already feeling the effects of sea level rise through “King Tide” flooding. What we call “King Tides” now, will eventually become an everyday occurrence. We must begin to consider what we want our community to look like 30 years from now given the challenges we are already facing, which will continue to worsen. The question should not be if or when we will adapt, but how we will adapt. To get to how, we must first learn to effectively communicate the risk of sea level rise, with the ultimate goal of building public support around adaptation action. This training will provide participants with the tools necessary to have confident conversations with all community members.

The Foundation of Resilience Policy

The road to implementing a successful community-wide resilience policy can be a long one with many bumps along the road. However, laying a strong foundation can prevent many of those bumps from occurring. That foundation includes obtaining strong public support, training staff across all departments, and considering the desired outcome before embarking on the resilience journey. Through this training, you will define what resilience means to your community, in what ways your community would like to become more resilience, and designing the plans to build the necessary foundation to before laying any of the first stepping stones of a resilience policy.