Our team has broad practical experience in the areas of coastal zone and floodplain management, and we leverage our unique expertise to advise and provide cost-effective solutions regarding policy, development, and construction in these highly regulated zones. Our technical expertise matched with our policy and political experience allows us to navigate the complex floodplain management regulations and arrive at the most practical solutions.

Coastal Zone Management

Prior to founding Brizaga, Michael helped to shape the coastlines of South Florida and New York City as a coastal engineer, having worked with developers and local governments to approve and implement the construction of such projects. We have a detailed understanding of the different approaches needed to develop along the coast, and we leverage our scientific, legal, and engineering knowledge and working relationships with regulatory staff to help our clients bring their visions to life.

Floodplain Management and the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program)

We are staffed with highly specialized experts in the areas of floodplain policy and management, with a certified floodplain manager and a former policy advisor to a U.S. Senator in the areas of flood insurance and floodplain management. We take an innovative approach to floodplain management and work with communities to maximize the benefits received through the Community Rating System (CRS). With our intimate experience and comprehension of the National Flood Insurance Program and its reauthorization, we are equipped to assist communities and property owners in adjusting to the newest regulations.