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We specialize in:

Vulnerability & Risk Assessment,
and Adaptation Strategy

Our staff consults with individuals, businesses, communities and cities to confront the vulnerabilities and risks faced by a changing environment, including sea level rise. We work with our clients to design and implement customized adaptation plans based on specific challenges to remain resilient against physical, social, and economic stressors. Our team has successfully carried out comprehensive vulnerability assessments for local communities and businesses and has assisted private citizens through their personal adaptation journeys.

Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program

The Sea Level Rise Ready™ Program is meant to be a partner on the adaptation journey that coastal citizens will make in the next few decades. It is a system that guides individuals to educate themselves, take action, and share their successes with other members of their communities. Adaptation is an incremental process, and just like any other process, it begins with the first step. We are here to help our community prepare for sea level rise, and are ready to be your partner on the path to become Sea Level Rise Ready™.

Resiliency Policy & Planning

Resilience has become a catchall term for the ability to stand up to and bounce back from shocks and stresses. However, when businesses and communities are discussing resiliency policy, they generally have a more specific goal in mind. We work with our clients to determine their resilience goals and create strategies by which to achieve them, focusing on effective communication across stakeholder groups. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in politics and policy, including managing political campaigns, and we specialize in policy implementation through our expertise in navigating the political process.

Community Outreach Strategy & Communications

Our team specializes in the art of public engagement and communication to distill the complexities of climate science and the changing environment in clear and simple terms. We create customized outreach strategies designed to achieve specific outcomes by developing and tailoring communication tools to the scientific topics pertinent to the target audience. This enables us to have candid discussions with stakeholders, where we can learn about and draw upon the unique positions, experiences and perspectives of the community members.

Risk Reduction & Business Continuity Strategy

From inception through execution, we assist our clients in overcoming some of today’s most disruptive forces. We focus on the intersection of science, economics, and the human factor to develop strategic, long-term resiliency plans to keep our cities growing and thriving in the face of rising seas. Whether you are looking to understand the disruptions that your business might experience because of sea level rise or you are looking for ways to protect your investments during a storm, look no further than Brizaga. 

Seminars, Workshops, & Trainings

Our staff has extensive experience with science communication and public engagement, and is available for speaking engagements. A few of our out-of-the-box seminars, workshops, and trainings are listed below. Our staff is available to help craft unique and individualized presentations to suit your needs. Our staff specializes in communicating complex scientific topics to the general public and policy-makers, and has taken part in panel discussions dealing directly with resiliency planning for sea level rise hosted by many public and private entities.

Coastal Floodplain Management

Our staff has extensive practical experience in the areas of coastal and floodplain management, as one of our co-founders is a licensed professional coastal engineer and a certified floodplain manager who has helped shape the waterfronts in South Florida and New York City. We understand the unique challenges and complexities of environmental regulations and construction methods when building along the coastline or within the FEMA-designated floodplain, and our team can provide cost effective solutions and expert advice when considering construction in these areas.

Meteorology & Oceanography

Our team has extensive research experience, and is ready to assist you with any topic about the atmosphere, ocean, or the interaction between them. From remote sensing to ocean modeling, and dataset creation to geophysical fluid dynamics, we have the expertise you need in Earth science. Our oceanographer (Ph.D., MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic) and meteorologist on staff is a published research scientist and maintains active connections to the academic community.