Resilience has become a catchall term for the ability to stand up to and bounce back from shocks and stresses. However, when businesses and communities are discussing resiliency policy, they generally have a more specific goal in mind. We work with our clients to determine their resilience goals and create strategies by which to achieve them, focusing on effective communication across stakeholder groups.

Our public engagement programs are designed to help local governments reach their communities and highlight the benefits that individuals and businesses can experience through the implementation of projects and policies aimed at resilience. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in politics and policy, including managing political campaigns, and we specialize in policy implementation through our expertise in navigating the political process.

We are staffed with highly specialized experts in the areas of floodplain policy and management, with a certified floodplain manager and a former policy advisor to a U.S. Senator in the areas of flood insurance and floodplain management. We take an innovative approach to floodplain management and work with communities to maximize the benefits received through the Community Rating System (CRS). With our intimate experience and comprehension of the National Flood Insurance Program and its reauthorization, we are equipped to assist communities and property owners in adjusting to the newest regulations.

One of the many ways our staff guides our clients on their resilience journey is through workshops and trainings. We can provide customized presentations to target specific topics and we also have off-the-shelf presentations we can provide. Before starting a resilience journey, it is important to have a solid foundation through unified vision and voice. Our “Foundation of Resilience Policy” helps to lay that groundwork.