Brizaga provides development and justification of design standards for the consideration of sea level rise, storm surge, ground water depth (for drainage and storage), and heavy rainfall. In addition, we take into account potential long-term changes in weather patterns including heat, rainfall, and other climate factors.

Additionally, Brizaga is a fully licensed and insured engineering firm, specializing in the areas of coastal zone and floodplain management, waterfront and civil engineering design. Our experience spans the eastern seaboard of the United States from the Florida Keys to New York Harbor, and includes projects scattered throughout the Caribbean. We focus on providing our clients with the highest level of service along with innovative and economic designs to implement resilient solutions, in both the financial and physical sense.

Our services include:

  • Numerical modeling of hurricane storm surge, hydrodynamics, wave processes, and water quality;
  • Development of design criteria for coastal development;
  • FEMA technical analysis, and Letters of Map Revisions (LOMR) or Amendments (LOMA);
  • Design of seawalls and bulkheads;
  • Stormwater management;
  • Utilities Design; and
  • ¬†Construction Administration.